Laura Tara Devi Joplin

RYT 200; CYTT Instructor; Social Media Strategist

As a yoga student, devotee, and teacher, Tara Devi shows up to offer practice space that feels like an experience of connection every time: connection to self, spirit, breath, space, reality, truth, the sacred, love, or whatever it is that each practitioner seeks to connect with when they engage with the work and worship that is yoga.

Laura Tara Devi Joplin is a certified yoga instructor who has been studying the practice since 2013 and teaching all over Georgia and in the online space since 2014. Her teachings are based on a relationship to breath as the foundation for every other aspect of the yoga practice, and on the philosophy that yoga should be accessible and empowering to all practitioners living in all bodies and identities.
Tara Devi teaches yoga asana (physical postures) with a focus on safety, integrity, adaptability, and intelligent alignment, and designs her classes with a synthesis of creative sequencing and workshop-style learning. Each class features thorough breath practice and meditative techniques to ground practitioners into the inner awareness central to yoga. In addition to asana classes, Tara Devi teaches guided meditation classes designed to make the deep, wild breath and contemplative practices of the Kashi yoga lineage as accessible as possible.

Tara Devi became a student of Swami Jaya Devi in 2015, and has been a student of Ma Jaya, too, ever since. She graduated from Kashi Atlanta's 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 and has been teaching yoga and meditation at Kashi Atlanta since 2017. She became a Senior Teacher in the Kashi Yoga Lineage in 2021. She is a teacher in Kashi Atlanta’s teacher training program and a Kashi Atlanta social media strategist, working to make the spiritual goodness of Kashi Atlanta, Swami Jaya Devi and Ma available to as many people as possible.

Tara Devi has taught yoga and meditation at Atlanta City Hall, Dirty South Yoga Fest, to seniors, college basketball teams, working moms, entrepreneurs, and more.