Based on the current Covid 19 situation and the opinions of our CDC advisors, Kashi Atlanta is no longer requiring Covid 19 vaccinations for our in-person students. We are also relaxing our mask mandate. We recommend, but do not require, that students wear their masks to to their mats, and for all of our classes,  students on their mats can practice mask-free or masked as they choose.


    Seven Week Series: Oct. 1st - Dec. 3rd

  • LIVING THE CHAKRAS: Certification Course

    Meets monthly Oct. 15th, 2022 - June 10, 2023

  • LAXSMI PROSPERITY PUJA: Wielding the Mystical Power of Intention: A Vedic Fire Ritual

    September 28

  • Embodied
  • DURGA PUJA Immersion in Baja Mexico: The Embodied Shakti Teachings: Igniting the Wisdom Within

    October 5-9, 2022

Our promise to you is to offer ancient Yogic wisdom in a modern, supportive, and authentic way, helping us all experience the love, joy, and freedom we deserve. 

We call it living the Life of a Yogi—learning how to use the time-tested tools, practices, and philosophy of Yoga to open our hearts and unravel limiting beliefs and behaviors. 

It’s not an easy thing to do, which is why it takes practice, dedication, and community. And that’s exactly what we are, a community, practicing on and off the mat, alone and together, learning how to love ourselves and everyone around us more deeply—learning how to "love anyway," and in doing so, set ourselves free.

Upcoming Events

with Rishi Jaya

The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient source of wisdom with applicability into our chaotic and modern times. Come learn how the great warrior, Arjuna, moves action into devotion. Part one of three.

$135 • $108 by Sept. 24
[In-person and Virtual]

Saturdays, October 15 - January 21
2:00 - 4:30pm

with Veena

Explore the history of yoga in this interactive three part series designed for yoga practitioners and teachers who want to learn more about yoga's complex and fascinating origins.

[Students can register for entire series or for a single day $35 drop in rate]
[In-person and Virtual]

Monday, October 17
6:00 - 7:15pm

with Amrit

A chance for connection on the spiritual path, as we seek to transform our experiences of separation into the realization of wholeness.

[Virtual only]

M, W, F, October 19 - November 23
6:00 - 7:00am

with Swami Agni Ma

Get toned and build strength, stamina and flexibility using Kali Natha Yoga with Swami Agni Ma in this high-intensity series. This class will meet three times each week, using yoga postures and breathwork in a physically challenging approach that will get you in shape fast! Classes are recorded and available until the next class

$195 • $175 by Oct. 12
Free for Bhakti and Kali Unlimited Yoga Memberships
[In-person and Virtual]

Thursdays, Nov. 3, 10, 17 and Dec. 1
7:00 - 9:00pm

The Power of Letting Go

with Agni Jaya

As the leaves fall from the trees, the days decline in length, and things begin to prepare for the Winter, we gather to consciously release that which binds us. Practices of letting go, with deep self-love, allow for the re-birth and re-creation of our new dreams. Exercises, practices, meditations and personal rituals will be shared to create space in our lives for new adventures, new experiences, new dreams, and a true sense of loving aliveness.

[Virtual only]

Saturday, November 12
2:00 - 4:30pm

Spiritual Social Media: Creating a Conscious Online Presence

with Tara Devi

Join Tara Devi, yoga teacher and social media strategist, and learn to show up consciously on social media and maintain integrity while ensuring that your offerings reach and serve all who need them.