• Kashi Anti-Racist Practice Group

    Tuesdays, February 8 - March 22

  • 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training

    February 11 – August 7, 2022

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Chitra Sukhu

    February 18 - February 20

  • SHIVA RATRI WEEKEND IMMERSION: The Arrow of Discernment: When Illusion Cannot Fool You

    February 25-26

  • Fire Pujari Initiation Course - Level 1

    May 7 - October 22, 2022

Our promise to you is to offer ancient Yogic wisdom in a modern, supportive, and authentic way, helping us all experience the love, joy, and freedom we deserve. 

We call it living the Life of a Yogi—learning how to use the time-tested tools, practices, and philosophy of Yoga to open our hearts and unravel limiting beliefs and behaviors. 

It’s not an easy thing to do, which is why it takes practice, dedication, and community. And that’s exactly what we are, a community, practicing on and off the mat, alone and together, learning how to love ourselves and everyone around us more deeply—learning how to "love anyway," and in doing so, set ourselves free.

Upcoming Events

with Swami Agni Ma

Learn how to create sacred space, perform puja (moving prayer) and welcome and honor any form of the Divine you believe in‚ including the Formless. This workshop is Everyfaith and Interfaith.

$25 • $20 by January 8
[In-person and Virtual]

with Miriam and Satya Devi

Learn about the therapeutic properties of sound and vibration, connect with fellow sound bathers, and experience a full sound bath with crystal bowls, chimes and various other instruments.

$25 • $20 by January 14
[In-person and Virtual]

with Maha Devi and Tara Devi

Engage with empowerment and strength, learn tools to metabolize your experiences, and ignite the radiance of Self with this all-levels exploration of the 3rd energy center. Join Maha Devi and Tara Devi for a tenacious and steady practice designed to liberate your inner sunlight and cultivate awareness of Manipura chakra, the solar plexus and city of gems.

$35 • $28 by January 15
[In-person and Virtual]

with Swami Agni Ma

Get toned and build strength, stamina and flexibility in this high-intensity series using challenging poses and breathwork! In person & live stream. Classes are recorded and available later.

$195 • $175 by January 24
Free to LOAY unlimited and Chela Members
[In-person and Virtual]


with Satya Devi

Learn about the therapeutic properties of sound and vibration, connect with fellow sound bathers, and experience a full sound bath with crystal bowls, chimes and various other instruments.

$25 • $20 by January 28
[In-person and Virtual]

with Candika and Maha Devi

Partner-assisted yoga and easy-to-learn Thai Yoga massage techniques that join assisted stretching, massage, energy work and meditation. Join with a yoga partner and wear loose-fitting clothes.

$70 per couple • $56 by January 29
[In-person and Virtual]


What if instead of simply doing yoga, you started living the life of a yogi?

We've received a lot of requests from our community for ways people can deepen their practice, so we've created a monthly membership that gives students a chance to do just that, both on and off the mat. In addition to asana, you will have a chance to explore weekly meditation classes, workshops, yogic texts like the Bhagavad Gita, receive daily sadhanas, attend Wednesday evening talks with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi, and lots more. You'll receive a supportive, dynamic container that will help you transform yourself and your world, in loving community, through learning and experiencing the many aspects of Yoga.

Your membership includes:

  • Yogic practices (sadhanas) three times per year from Acharya Swami Jaya Devi
  • All Wednesday evening Spiritual Growth and Meditation classes with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi and Guest Swamis
  • All three Atlanta Immersion weekends with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi each year (a $540 value!)
  • A four-class card for yoga per month with an option to purchase an unlimited yoga pass for only $25 per month
  • One Single-Day Workshop per month (up to a $35 value)
  • Monthly Meeting with Mentors and fellow Life of a Yogi Participants
  • Reading and Discussing of Yogic Texts: The Bhagavad Gita and The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope
  • A 15% discount on items in the Kashi Atlanta Store during quarterly sales

We are overjoyed to be practicing in-person with you againoffering a robust schedule of in-person yoga and meditation classes along with continued live-streaming of all of our offerings. Because of the number of cases and community transmission of COVID-19, and in accordance with Atlanta's mask mandate, we are:

  1. Asking everyone to wear a mask at all times inside Kashi Atlanta
  2. Asking non-vaccinated people to participate in classes and workshops virtually
  3. Asking those who are fully vaccinated to email a photo of vaccination card to info@kashiatlanta.org in order to access registration for indoor classes