Immersions with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi

These powerful immersive gatherings consist of highly interactive spiritual teaching sessions and heart-opening guided meditations led by Acharya Swami Jaya Devi.

In the main sessions Swami Jaya Devi, a caring and joyous master teacher, will introduce the concept of the weekend, and guide you into the deeper dimensions of meditation. You will have the opportunity to ask Swami questions and receive accessible teachings in a friendly and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

You will come away encouraged and empowered with practical tools and tips for living your life more fearlessly and authentically, filled up as you learn from the struggles and successes of other students. Over the weekend, Swami Jaya Devi will guide you to go more deeply within, helping you connect with the deepest real of your inner heart.


January 14, 2023

Consume or Be Consumed: Meeting Reality Where It Is 

Often, we view the world with the cup half empty or the cup half full. When we see the cup as half empty, we are being consumed by the world – by our fear, unworthiness, negative thought or circumstance. When we view the world with the cup half full, we are able to consume whatever life presents us. We meet the moment with open hearted awareness and strive to love anyway, in all the wild experiences we encounter.

To enter into the ground of real awareness where emotional metabolism is strong, we must connect to reality on a soul level, where love opens us and teaches us to consume darkness, one situation at a time.

Join us for a one-day immersion into the daring art of consuming life whole. By establishing powerful emotional ability, learn to live the life of a yogi, living with reality in a continuous relationship with evolution and wholeness.