Immersions with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi

These powerful immersive gatherings consist of highly interactive spiritual teaching sessions and heart-opening guided meditations led by Acharya Swami Jaya Devi.

In the main sessions Swami Jaya Devi, a caring and joyous master teacher, will introduce the concept of the weekend, and guide you into the deeper dimensions of meditation. You will have the opportunity to ask Swami questions and receive accessible teachings in a friendly and nonjudgmental atmosphere.

You will come away encouraged and empowered with practical tools and tips for living your life more fearlessly and authentically, filled up as you learn from the struggles and successes of other students. Over the weekend, Swami Jaya Devi will guide you to go more deeply within, helping you connect with the deepest real of your inner heart.

June 4

We each have the ability to tune in to all the love in the universe by listening deeply for the vibration of the universe within us. In the yogic tradition, this is called the naad, the thrum of pure consciousness, the ever-present sound of Om. This steady, continuous current echoes in the background of our minds, attuning us to the rhythm of the soul. When we listen and create presence here, the silence can lead us into the oneness.


This silence is the rhythm of the universe coursing through you, it is you and you are it. Here, we open to the moment as the soul and the universe bow to the vastness. For the soul and the universe vibrate at the same frequency. It’s the vibration of the emptiness and the fullness merged together as one. That is in you.


Join us for a one-day immersion into exploring the moment the mind becomes quiet. By entering into the stillness, you find the self, the soul, and the simplicity of being. You find the spaciousness to be and to be one with all that exists.

July 15-17


To come to the creative still point, the birthplace of inspiration, we must first dismantle that which no longer serves. All the power and strength that is genuine about you, is accessed in moments without ego, desire, or attachment. As we peel back the constriction of our own limitations, we expand into the flow of the creative force.


To generate this creative process of real aliveness, we must anoint each moment with curiosity, creativity and wisdom. This is the wild and sacred path, where we allow the energy of the universe to pour through us. We open to what our souls want to express in this lifetime.


Join us for an immersive experience to access the creative energy within you that is also pulsing all around you. This Immersion will culminate with a Vedic fire ceremony to connect to the essence of Saraswati – she who is the energy of creativity, art and language.

September 28


October 5-9, 2022

The deeper dimensions of yoga are designed to enliven a mystical sacred energy within us. This energy is shakti – awareness infused with love. In this immersive five-day experience, we will ignite kundalini shakti and empower the mystical energy of our own transformation. We will burn away suffering, heartbreak and limitation, so the soul can reveal itself. Through a series of shakti meditations and practices – along with a nightly Vedic fire ritual – we will access our deepest, hidden inner truths.


Here, we awaken the core feeling of aliveness, stirring the genuine, elemental vitality that actually is us. This kindles our innate connection to unconditional love, which can then resonate in us every moment. These practices infuse our lives with the wisdom-reality that love is the most powerful substance on earth. We are born to experience, embody and joyfully express this.

This traveling event includes the ancient fire ceremony of Durga Puja – the celebration of shakti, embodied. You will be invited to participate in the ceremonial preparations for the fire rituals.

Pachamama Todos Santos Yoga Retreat Center in Mexico

[$1599 with early registration by 6/15]


Immersion with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi
2-3 Fire pujas
Daily yoga and/or walking meditation on the beach
4-night stay in double rooms at Pachamama Mexico resort
All meals including a meal in town.
1-2 group excursions
Transportation to and from hotel and Cabo San Lucas airport

A $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot! Your balance of $1099 will automatically be billed by June 15 for early bird discount. Or $1175 due by September 15. Contact Swami Agni Ma at for more information.

December 2-4, 2022

+ Mantra Initiation

Forgiveness can be a radical act of disruption. When we are hurt, we often grip our wounding tightly, thinking that we will heal it by holding it as our deepest experience. But what if there is something deeper still? How can forgiveness teach us the lesson the wounding was meant to bring? If learning and loving are our most powerful expressions of selfhood, what happens in the moment we release the wound?


When we forgive, we make love bigger than heartbreak, by moving love and forgiveness through the heartbreak itself. We create a field of alignment – allying ourselves with love and truth, the truth that we are lovable, even in heartbreak. We forgive – ourselves and others – and move love into the world, like the radiant love-vessels that we are.


Join us for an immersive experience into the revolutionary act of forgiveness. By letting go of old resentments and traumas, learn to kindly establish yourself upon the path of wholeness, the path of real yoga.

January 14, 2023

Often, we view the world with the cup half empty or the cup half full. When we see the cup as half empty, we are being consumed by the world – by our fear, unworthiness, negative thought or circumstance. When we view the world with the cup half full, we are able to consume whatever life presents us. We meet the moment with open hearted awareness and strive to love anyway, in all the wild experiences we encounter.


To enter into the ground of real awareness where emotional metabolism is strong, we must connect to reality on a soul level, where love opens us and teaches us to consume darkness, one situation at a time.


Join us for a one-day immersion into the daring art of consuming life whole. By establishing powerful emotional ability, learn to live the life of a yogi, living with reality in a continuous relationship with evolution and wholeness.