Satya Devi Jaya Profile Pic Nov 2020

Lisa Satya Devi Vasatka

RYT 200; Member

Satya Devi has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1999. Seeking ways to relieve the adverse effects of hyperthyroidism and Grave's Disease, she took her first class in Kripalu yoga and immediately began studying with her first teacher in New Hampshire. Relocating to Atlanta not long after, she found Kashi Atlanta and her beloved teacher Acharya Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati. She completed Kashi Atlanta's 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program in 2019, serving as an apprentice teacher upon graduation, and continues to study closely with Acharya Swami Jaya Devi.

Satya Devi has studied Kripalu yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Judy Caron, Douglas Johnson, and Chitra Sukhu respectively. She received her Yin Yoga teacher certification in 2019 and became certified as a Level II Yoga Nidra teacher in 2021 studying closely with Chitra Sukhu. She draws inspiration from each of these styles and her love of Bhakti yoga to teach gentle and supportive classes.

Satya Devi is also a sound bath practitioner who uses quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments to facilitate deep states of relaxation and calm for students through sound and vibration. She is currently working towards certification as a Warriors at Ease teacher to bring yoga and meditation to the Veteran community of Atlanta and their families.