200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training


February 11 – August 7

Learn to become a teacher of Classical Yoga in our Teacher Training Program!

Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified course is designed for aspiring teachers from all traditions who want to enrich and expand their personal practices and learn to teach yoga with depth, clarity and wisdom. We offer this course once a year starting each February.

Our training draws from the ancient spiritual roots of yoga. Under the guidance of Acharya Swami Jaya Devi, students will gain an experiential understanding of all eight limbs of yoga, and how they work together to influence and change your experience of life, both on and off the mat.

Open House Sessions for CYTT 2022

October 23, 2021

Nov 13, 2021

Dec 11, 2021

Jan 8, 2022

Our FREE Open House includes Swami Jaya Devi’s 10:00 am yoga class and an 11:45 am – 12:30 pm gathering with her and the teaching staff to learn more about the course. There will be plenty of time for Q&As so bring your questions! The open houses can be attended virtually or in-person!


An In-Depth Study of Classical Yoga

Our training will take you deeply into the experience of yoga as a moving meditation, and teach you how to bring the same experience to others. It will create a deep understanding of the asanas and their techniques, the power of pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra, experiential anatomy, yoga philosophy, and the ultimate goal of yoga: wholeness of being.

In addition, you will gain an understanding of four major paths of yoga: Raja Yoga, the eight-limbed path described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras; Jnana Yoga, the path of intellectual study and introspection; Karma Yoga, the path of service and action; and Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion. You will experience each of these paths personally as you participate in the different aspects of our training course. After completing our course, you will be well prepared to teach the depth of classical yoga to others.

Each weekend, students will study the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of yoga. We will gain hands-on experience through experiential anatomy and asana practice. Through a carefully guided exploration of pranayama, students will be initiated into many of the classical yogic breaths and learn how to unleash the power of these breaths to clear the energy centers, or chakras, and how to use the practices of yoga to keep the body’s energy centers open and balanced.

Throughout the course, students will dive into the ancient practices of meditation and learn to calm and discipline the mind. These practices will include an exploration of Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound. We will chant different mantras and kirtans, using vibration and intention to open the heart and focus the mind on higher realms. Students will also have an opportunity to take their yoga off the mat and practice Karma Yoga by creating and participating in a group community service project.

We devote a portion of the course to learning about inclusive language in a yoga setting, how to consciously communicate while in the seat of the teacher, and why creating an accessible space for all practitioners is essential.

2022 Course Dates

  • Weekend 1: Feb 11 - 13
  • Weekend 2: March 4 - 6
  • Weekend 3: March 25 - 27
  • Weekend 4: April 22 - 24
  • Weekend 5: May 13 - 15
  • Weekend 6: June 3 - 5
  • Weekend 7: June 24 - 26
  • Weekend 8: July 15 - 17
  • Weekend 9: August 5 - 7

Weekend times are:

  • Friday: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (with a 1-hour lunch break)
  • Sunday: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm (with a 1-hour lunch break)


  • $1,950 with registration by November 15 and paid in full with cash or check ($2,000 credit card) upon acceptance into the program.
  • $2,100 Full Tuition

We have payment plans available to fit your budget! Please call us to learn more.

A $500 deposit is due with the application. You can pay your deposit online when you submit your application. Payment may also be made over the phone at (404) 687-3353.

Teacher Training in the Time of COVID-19

In early 2020, our new CYTT students signed up for a six-month in person course to learn how to embody the gifts of yoga as well as share them with the world. This transformative course asks our students to dig in and participate in deep inner work during a “normal” year. We did not have a “normal” year. Between a global pandemic and a long overdue anti-racism reckoning, we dug deep into both the structure and content of our course. Ultimately, we spent seven of the nine weekends completely online, yet the depth of what we were able to accomplish was meaningful and REAL. We embraced our new reality and dove into Vimeo yoga philosophy sessions and Zoom teaching practicums. We bonded over virtual hangouts. We reached far past our comfort zones to create something amazing together: a container we could all pour ourselves into to help us move through the uncertainty of the time. We feel grateful to be able to bring those experiences and lessons into our 200-hour course for 2021.

Our plan is to have both outdoor in person and virtual sessions each day with a long, restful lunch time between. While we will develop relationships together as much as we can in person, we will also have an amazing and accessible online platform where we can gather together as a community to access and turn in homework as well as communicate with classmates and mentors. If, based on CDC guidelines/recommendations, we are safely able to meet in person, we may hold full days outside and socially distanced. We will continue to follow the science and the experts. We are also offering the option to do the course 100% online.


Here is what a teacher training day might look like:

  • An outdoor, in person, socially distanced 90-minute asana practice with Swami Jaya Devi or one of our Senior Teachers.
  • An outdoor, in person, socially distanced 90-minute posture clinic or teaching practicum.
  • 90-minute lunch break
  • 1-hour virtual experiential anatomy session
  • 90-minute virtual yoga philosophy session with Swami Jaya Devi

Other modules will include:

  • Conscious communication
  • How to adjust students to make classes accessible for all bodies
  • How to sequence a class
  • How to teach meditation and pranayama
  • Mudras and mantras
  • The business of yoga

What our grads are saying…

200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Application