Swami Agni Ma Jaya

E-RYT 500; Senior Yoga Instructor; YACEP; PAS (Postural Alignment Specialist); Monk; Resident; Director of Yoga Programs

Agni Ma Jaya began studying yoga and meditation in depth with Swami Jaya Devi and Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati in 1999 when she injured her back after four months of boxing. She immediately fell in love with the high she experienced from yoga and her back healed quickly. Agni Ma is now a Senior Yoga teacher who resides in the Kashi Atlanta ashram and serves as Kashi’s Director of Yoga Programs. Agni Ma worked as a poverty and civil rights lawyer and advocate for over 25 years at nonprofit law firms including Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Georgia Law Center for the Homeless, Southern Center for Civil Rights Enforcement, and Georgia Legal Services.

Agni Ma loves to share the yoga and meditation that have kept her pain-free and passionate about life and serving others, both on and off the mat. At Kashi, she teaches a variety of yoga and meditation classes, including the increasingly popular Yoga Boot Camp. Each of her classes has a strong asana practice mixed with Egoscue postural alignment techniques to strengthen, realign and heal the body. Agni Ma’s classes also have a strong emphasis on the breath, as well as an interweave of meditation, mantra and mudra throughout the practice to release stress and open the mind, body and heart. She also offers private sessions to get people Pain Free using Full Body Yoga Therapy and Postural Alignment techniques based in the Egoscue Method.