Posted in Spiritual Teaching by Swami Jaya Devi

The Sacred Path of Choice

January 2015 Every moment the universal force of the divine points out your different choices. During every moment of every single day that you live upon the earth, the divine essence has a breathtaking closeness to you. It’s like a sacred rhythm that you can only hear if you get quiet enough to listen. The pulsation of the universe is happening all around you and within you...
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  Workshop with Swami Jaya Devi

Weekend Immersion: The True Surrender — Lay Down Your Fear

Fear is the deepest source of our suffering, and virtually all of our unnecessary suffering. It clouds many of the ways we experience the world, and yet we clutch our fear, holding on to it because we have mistaken our fear-based thinking for our true selves. Through the radical act of compassionate surrender we lay down our fear, and we release ourselves, opening to experience...
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Sunday, February 8 · 2:00 PM — 4:00 PM   Workshop with Agni Starfire

Shamanic Blessings from Your Animal Spirit Guides

Experience a shamanic journey meditation to meet your primary animal guides. Learn practices to receive the guidance that animals in nature can share with you, even in the city. Feel your Oneness with the Divine through these amazing beings of love and power. Recognize yourself through these allies of truth. The ones that crawl, the ones that swim, the ones that fly and those o...
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Mondays · February 2 — February 23  Workshop with Candika Kim Alford

Gentle Yoga for the Back

Learn how to best care for the back with gentle yoga through releasing, opening, strengthening and alignment. We will explore how to balance, unravel & release back muscles effectively. You will learn the basics of structural alignment and be able to apply this on the yoga mat as well as every day life. For those who experience back pain* and even pain that extends into ...
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Mondays · February 2 — March 2  Workshop with Candika Kim Alford

Beginner’s Series: Go Deeper with the Yogic Breath

This five-week class series on yogic breath work, called pranayama, will teach you about the powerful connection between the mind, body and heart. Pranayama is one of the key practices for experiencing the depth of yoga. Pranayama increases your vitalityand harmonizes heart-mind-body, creating an energy envelope that supports your well-being. Increasing awareness and control...
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Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays · 1/26 – 3/6 · 6:00 am  Workshop with Agni Ma Mushkin

Yoga Boot Camp

Lose weight and build strength, stamina and flexibility using Kali Natha Yoga with Agni Ma in this high-intensity series. This class will meet three times each week, using yoga postures and breathwork in a physically challenging approach that will get you in shape fast! Progressive whole-body sequences will urge you along, keeping you challenged. Concentration, balance and ment...
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Saturday, January 31 · 5:00 pm — 7:30 pm   Workshop with Candika Kim Alford

Partner Yoga and Thai Massage

Enjoy an evening of playfully fun yoga, exploring partner-assisted asanas with senior yoga instructor Candika and Maha Devi. Partner Yoga is all about creating quality time with yourself and your partner, cultivating connection, trust and deeper awareness with each other. It is a practice to directly experience the root principle of Yoga: union. Partner yoga promotes laughter ...
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