Crystal Healing

Saturday, January 13 · 1:30 pm — 4:00 pm with Agni Starfire

Crystals have long been used by ancient cultures as tools for healing. Based on years of study and practice, Starfire will share techniques to use these mysterious gifts from the Earth to heal and empower your life. The class will provide the opportunity to work with rare and beautiful stones, many of which have a geological age of more than 2 billion years.

Meditation and healing practices will be shared along with guidelines on how to clear, cleanse and program your quartz crystals, and how to use them to create sacred space. Participants will practice crystal techniques they can use at home. Students are encouraged to bring their own stones to work with during the class.

*Must have minimum of 4 students registered by 10/22 or the workshop will be cancelled.




  • $25
  • $20 with registration by January 6
  • $20 with unlimited yoga pass
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