Yolonda Jyoti Devi Cameron

Yoga Instructor, Chela Member

Yolonda Jyoti Devi Cameron graduated from Kashi Atlanta's 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 and is currently pursuing her 300-hr certification in Kali Natha Yoga. She has practiced yoga for over 16 years and is a professed lifelong learner and student.

Currently, she is continuing studies with her Teacher, Swami Jaya Devi. She has also studied Yin Yoga and Zen Meditation with her Teacher, Douglas Johnson, and Yoga Nidra with her Teacher, Chitra Sukhu. She regularly attends yoga and yoga-related training and workshops to deepen her own practice, hone her skills and then share newly discovered practices with others.

Her teaching style is engaging, upbeat and easygoing, with a focus on cultivating wellness, a sense of peace and present moment awareness. She has an integrative approach to yoga and loves sharing all aspects of yoga and related practices, including pranayama, meditation, mudras, Qigong, Yoga Nidra and inspirational readings.

Jyoti Devi is committed to meeting students where they are and making yoga accessible to all. She often refers to herself as a yoga sharer or guide and encourages students to make their practice their own, as they are their own first teacher. Likewise, she creatively tailors sequences and practices to meet students’ needs, providing modifications as needed.

During her classes, she emphasizes intention-setting and creating and holding sacred space for students. Her radiant personality, relaxed voice and sense of humor instantly put students at ease. She is a natural nurturer and dedicated yoga practitioner, and loves spending time in nature, writing, studying metaphysics and crafting.