Patty Uma Devi O’Keefe Hutton

RYT 200

Uma Devi loves to teach yoga! Her enthusiasm for the yogic journey is evident in her classes, where she invites her students to come home to the body, live into the breath and utilize the unique capabilities of the mind. Her teaching is filled with humor and ease, allowing for differences and instilled with a sense of the sacred. Uma teaches from an intuitive and loving place, wanting to share with others what she has found so enriching in her own life. She leads her students in a practice that is gentle and deep, strengthening and centering, generous and intentional.

Uma Devi is grateful to teach at Kashi Atlanta and honored to share the gift of this rich yogic lineage that inspires and informs her life. She completed Kashi Atlanta's 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 under the guidance of Swami Jaya Devi, who has been her teacher for over 20 years. Uma was in her 40’s when she started practicing yoga, and credits the practice with helping her feel more comfortable, relaxed and at ease in her body now in her 60’s, than she was way back then. Whatever your age, this intimate conversation between breath, body and mind through yoga is a kindness. Be kind to yourself.