Melissa Amrit Jaya Kulick, PhD

RYT 200; Monk; Resident

Amrit Jaya first walked through Kashi Atlanta’s doors in 2002, *thinking* they knew what they were looking for and, gratefully, chose to continue walking through open doors as they would appear before them. Within a month, they began regularly attending Swami Jaya Devi’s Wednesday night Spiritual Growth and Meditation class. Soon after, they became a weekly participant in our Street Meals Program. It was a highlight of their week and a powerful lived experience of getting to "drink as you pour" - a foundational teaching of Kashi's founder and guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Though they never had plans of becoming a yoga (asana) teacher, their desire to deepen their own practice led Amrit to participate in and graduate from Kashi Atlanta's first 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2004. As a result of their further desire to immerse themself more fully in their lineage, Amrit completed the Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training at Kashi Ashram in 2007. For many years, Amrit did not offer any classes or workshops on our schedule, but was and is graced to be able to bring the teachings and tools of their spiritual path to their work as a psychologist, where they assist clients in ‘living yoga off the mat.’

They now offer a monthly workshop, Shared Journeys, where they invite others to join in creating sacred and safe holding space for experiencing connection as they navigate a spiritual path that winds through the landscape of their total lives. They are profoundly grateful for those gatherings as ongoing opportunities to continue drinking as they pour.

Amrit became a resident of the ashram in 2004, as an expression of their commitment to their ashram, community and spiritual path. In 2018, they were honored to be recognized as and step into an ever-deepening role of monk in the Kashi lineage. They are grateful for the daily opportunities these roles provide them to connect to meaning in their life, and to care for their ashram and satsanga. You might catch Amrit volunteering behind the desk or may also see them around the ashram at our larger events with a camera in their hand, serving in their role as ashram photographer.