Lorell Frysh, PhD

Sheika and Cherag in The Inayati Sufi Order; Clinical Hypnotherapist; Reiki Master

Lorell Frysh, PhD. is a Sheika (Swami equivalent) and Cherag (Minister) in the Inayati Sufi Order. She received her PhD in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. Her doctoral studies focused on interfaith spiritual counseling, Transpersonal Psychology and the development of consciousness.

Lorell has spent more than forty-five years studying and taking initiation in some of the great spiritual, mystical and healing traditions of the world. These include Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Sufism, Jewish mysticism, Christian Mysticism, Native American Shamanism, and Zulu, Venda and KoiSan Shamanism.

Lorell is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Polarity Therapist, Reiki Master and Past Life Regression therapist. She has studied Interior Architecture and Design and focusses that aspect of her work on the relationship between our inner and outer worlds. Her particularly unique combination of skills and perspective enables her to foster genuine transformation on many levels.

Working with Lorell is profound, fun and Enlightening!