Agni Starfire

Agni Jaya Starfire

RYT 500; Resident

Agni Jaya has been a spiritual student and teacher for decades. Her long-term studies include indigenous earth-centered spiritual wisdom, Goddess traditions, and Kali Natha Yoga. She uniquely combines her pragmatic international business and personal life experiences with ancient spiritual practices to open the doorway for students to connect with the Divine presence within.

She carries Goddess and shamanic lineage teachings said to go back 40,000 years, taught to her by indigenous teachers from North America and the highlands of Peru. She is an avid Kali Natha yogi and meditator, seeking to embody the Divine Mother. She views the world as cosmic play, providing the opportunity to heal and transform that which separates us from our unique sacred essence. A devoted chela, she gives thanks to her Guru, teachers, family, and students for the different mirrors offered to her for transformation and opening her heart to greater compassion.

Students share:
"Agni Jaya helped me learn to really connect with the Divine Mother through prayer and ceremonies in ways that have changed my life."

"Agni Jaya is a powerful facilitator, helping people awaken to the divine spark within, so that our own unique authenticity can fully be expressed in the world."