Reiki Certification

Usui Reiki I Certification

This is a seven-week course that is the first certification of Traditional Usui Reiki. This class is the beginning place for anyone new to Reiki and covers history, technique, chakras, hand positions and much more. An experiential journey and starting point for learning energetic healing, participants are certified in Level One Usui Reiki once complete. Not just an informational or lecture class, students are given hands-on time to experience Reiki under the guidance of a Reiki Master and are given homework to further their own personal transformations. Two textbooks are required for the class and information on them will be provided post-registration. Please note this class is offered once a year as a daytime series. Pre-registration at least one day prior is required for the class.

Usui Reiki II Certification

This is a five-week course covering Reiki symbols, distance healing and prayer, energetic protection, creating elemental relationships and more. At this level the deeper aspects of Reiki are explored. This class continues the energetic work of Reiki I and fosters a space of introspection and connection with the world around us. Prior attunement in Reiki I by any certified Reiki master is required for this course. At the end of this class, students will be attuned and certified in Reiki II, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable in the three Reiki symbols at this level.

This course is a pre-requisite to take Reiki III at Kashi Atlanta.

Usui Reiki Master Certification

This is an eight-week course that is the final certification of Traditional Usui Reiki. This class is the final step for Reiki training and covers the master symbols, ethics, teaching, attunement rituals and much more. Participants are certified as Reiki Masters in Usui Reiki once complete and are qualified to teach and attune. Participants are given weekly readings and practice around all facets of Level Three Reiki. Class meets once a week for lecture and includes one supervised attunement session with existing Reiki masters and one symbol practice class.

Cost does not include two books needed for class.

Students must be certified in Reiki Level Two through Kashi Atlanta to take this class.
$250 for Usui Reiki Master Certification Course
$585 for the entire Usui Reiki Certification series ($100 off from full price of Level One, Two, and Three)

Journey through the Chakras (Levels 1 – 3)

This is an eight-week journey through the landscape of the chakras. Sourced from yoga, the chakras are energetic centers of transformation and assimilation associated with the physical body. In this course, exercises, meditations and practices are provided each week to introduce one to a specific chakra and to enhance one’s awareness of the different attributes of that chakra.
This is the first step for those who not only want to use the chakras in practice, but who wish to undo habits and patterns in the chakras. Pre-registration is required for attendance.

Journey Through the Chakras, Level One is a prerequisite for the Journey Through the Chakras – Level Two class. There is one textbook for the class and information will be given upon registration.