Reiki and Energy Medicine

How can you transform your negative thoughts and emotions into a space of inner joy and balance?

Perhaps Reiki can help. Reiki is a Japanese-based healing system of incomparable ease and power with over 100 years of history and use. It is arguably the most well-known energy healing modality in the world.

Reiki has known health benefits for pain reduction, relaxation, stress relief, and emotional release. Recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as an alternative health modality it is used in many hospitals as a complimentary practice.

Reiki sessions are amazing for emotional trauma and release, general relaxation, the lessening of pain and headaches and a host of other challenges. Reiki actually works by bringing Chi, Ki, Prana, or energy into the body and repairs gaps or blocks in our energy field.

If you want to experience the relaxation and transformation of a Reiki session., then text Rishi at four oh four 939.6499.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and include a short assessment of your chakras and energy as well as a relaxing rejuvenating energy practice to balance what ails you.