June 4 , 2022

I Am That: When the Moment of Oneness Emerges

We each have the ability to tune in to all the love in the universe by listening deeply for the vibration of the universe within us. In the yogic tradition, this is called the naad, the thrum of pure consciousness, the ever-present sound of Om. This steady, continuous current echoes in the background of our minds, attuning us to the rhythm of the soul. When we listen and create a presence here, the silence can lead us into the oneness.


This silence is the rhythm of the universe coursing through you, it is you and you are it. Here, we open to the moment as the soul and the universe bow to the vastness. For the soul and the universe vibrate at the same frequency. It’s the vibration of the emptiness and the fullness merged together as one. That is in you. 

Join us for a one-day immersion into exploring the moment the mind becomes quiet. By entering into the stillness, you find the self, the soul, and the simplicity of being. You find the spaciousness to be and to be one with all that exists.

You’re also invited to join us, in-person or virtually, for a celebration of Swami Jaya Devi’s book launch after the immersion ends. We will gather in community for readings, chai and to honor our teacher’s first book, Embodied: an Urban Yogi’s Memoir and Manifesto for Modern Living.


YOGA 8:30-10 am


Book Launch Party 1:30 pm