April 15-17, 2022

Ma's Mahasamadhi Immersion

The Ash of Transformation:
Letting Go of the False to Reveal the Real

In the Vedic tradition, ash is a sacred substance – that which is left over from the fire of transformation. It is the holy residue that remains after burning away what we no longer need. Ash is symbolic of the process of real yoga – the great unlearning – where we relinquish our falseness and suffering to embody wholeness and light. Through a series of rituals, meditations and practices, we will burn away the impurities of body and mind, so the soul can reveal itself.


As human beings, we each go through the process of shucking off the falseness of the world, in order to connect to the radiant awareness that actually lives inside us. Once we understand that we have the power to transform our suffering into learning and use it to evolve ourselves, we can then realize the essential light within. This radiance cannot disappoint us or fail us, because it is us.


We emerge more free. Join us for an immersion into the sacred teachings of transformation, where we learn to let go without giving up. This weekend will include a celebration of Ma’s lineage and an honoring of each participant – with a Vedic Fire Ceremony, Temple visit and Chai Party at Swami Jaya Devi’s on Sunday morning.

FRIDAY 6:30-9 pm

SATURDAY 10-4:30 pm

SUNDAY 8:30 to 11:00 am*
Fire Puja followed by chai and prasad hangout in honor of Ma’s Mahasamadhi


$199 for Immersion and suggested donation of $108 for Sunday portion of the immersion (registered for separately)