Practices for the Pandemic: 14 Days of Healing

Day 7: So Hum Mantra Meditation

There is a silent mantra tucked inside every breath that you breathe. Today’s practice is a classic meditation that awakens this mantra to dance with the Victory Breath you learned on Day One. Using breath and mantra together can create such a delicious feeling to sink into. This meditation practice is really about bringing your awareness back to the breath and the mantra again and again. So Hum is a Sanskrit mantra and in essence, you are repeating the message “I am that,” or “I am that sacred essence.” It is designed to connect you to all that is. You are a part of It, and It is very much a part of you. Use this for your daily meditation for the next 3 days, spanning Days 7 – 9 of Practices for the Pandemic. PS: What was your experience of this practice? We’d love to hear your feedback about #practicesforthepandemic. Please write Swami Jaya Devi at to share your experiences of these practices.