Practices for the Pandemic: 14 Days of Healing

Day 6: Gratitude List

Recent research shows overwhelmingly that cultivating the habit of appreciation leads to significantly happier outlooks. It doesn’t take much to activate this neurological orientation: a few moments every week listing what you are grateful for can lead to significantly more happiness. Today, as we live in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we are dealing with extraordinary levels of stress. This is not a practice to diminish the realness of those feelings, but rather a tool to shift our perspective from a “woe is me” stance to one that enables you to see light even in the darkness. Find some time today to appreciate what’s working in your life and write them down. Share them with your kids or family and ask what they are grateful for as well. PS: What are you grateful for? We’d love to hear your feedback about #practicesforthepandemic. Please write Swami Jaya Devi at to share your experiences of these practices.