Practices for the Pandemic: 14 Days of Healing

Day 4: Bhramari Bumble Bee Breath

Today’s healing practice is the Bumble Bee or Bhramari Breath, a super-powerful breathwork technique that has a persuasively effective ability to calm the restless nature of the mind. Its effects are often immediate and resounding. This breath has been scientifically proven to increase the nitric oxide levels in your sinuses fifteen-fold. Which in turn creates an amplified benefit to proper blood flow, immune system function, blood sugar regulation, brain function and neuron health after only 10 minutes! As you practice, you’ll feel the buzzing in your head (hence the name) like a vibration in your skull. Ideally you will also feel this sensation in your chest, vibrating the spiritual heart. After this breath, sit and notice the quality and texture of silence you’ve created. Feel the vibration of the inner heart. Use this for your daily meditation for the next 3 days, spanning Days 4 – 6 of Practices for the Pandemic. PS: Did you get your mind a little (a lot?!) more quiet? We’d love to hear your feedback about #practicesforthepandemic. Please write Swami Jaya Devi at to share your experiences of these practices.