Practices for the Pandemic: 14 Days of Healing

Day 10: Infinity (Bhuvaneswari) Breath

Today’s breath and meditation practice is simple yet transformative. It will help address constricted, anxious, overwhelmed and revved up feelings. The Infinity Breath is named after the gorgeous goddess Bhuvaneswari, the embodiment of infinite space and spacious wisdom, who wears the cosmos like a garland of stars. This practice creates a profound feeling of spaciousness within us, and we can use this experience to cultivate the idea that we have enough space and enough time to do what we need to do. In only a few minutes, this breath can change your whole perspective, loosening your attachment to being constrained and tight and awakening you to the experience of spaciousness. Use this for your daily meditation for the next 3 days, spanning Days 10 – 12 of Practices for the Pandemic.