Yoga & Meditation for Chronic Pain

Saturday, February 8 · 12:00 pm — 2:00 pm with Maha Devi (Alison) Hastings and Rudra Priya (Ainsley)

The experience of chronic pain is felt in both our physical and energetic bodies. Not only does it cause fatigue and discomfort, but it limits our capacity to access joy and creativity. Using mindful awareness and the practices of yoga, we can choose how we respond to our pain, as well as alleviate some tension.

Designed for and led by those with chronic pain, this workshop focuses on providing tools to empower you as you navigate the challenges of chronic pain. The workshop will include gentle poses to create comfort as we move into breathwork and meditation designed for pain management.

All bodies and experience levels are welcome. We will include time to process and share.


  • $25
  • $20 with registration by February 1
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