Yoga for Teens

Tuesdays · April 16 — May 21 with Dalhya Lusk

Yoga for Teens is especially designed to help teens reconnect to their inner calm through dynamic and playful sequencing each class. Being a teenager means lots of changes — in life, in bodies and in minds. These changes bring excitement and learning, often accompanied by stress and exhaustion. Together we will move through poses and breathwork that will lead to greater self awareness, mental focus and empowerment.

This series offers an uplifting practice that will bring alignment to the body and mind. These classes are perfect for learning to balance the pressures of our daily lives. Through intelligent sequencing, students will be guided through an alignment-focused asana (physical) practice to foster body awareness, flexibility and strength, while allowing the student to destress areas prone to holding tension (especially shoulders and hips). Come ready to explore and have fun!

$60 early registration by April 9
$48 for any additional sibling with early registration


  • 6 Week Workshop
  • $75
  • $60 with registration by April 9
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