Women’s Sacred Empowerment Series

with Agni Jaya Starfire

Saturdays: February 8, March 7, April 18

As women, we come together to find our heart and voice, sharing as daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Accessing time honored traditions of women’s circles and ceremonies, we will honor our gifts and share our pain, without judgement or the need ‘improve’ ourselves. We are whole; we are love; we are deeply enriched by our shared experience. Join Agni Jaya Starfire as she shares Goddess based teachings passed to her from her teachers of many decades. Rituals, ceremony, and collective wisdom from the heart will weave us together in a web of transformation and healing.

A commitment to attend all gatherings is highly recommended to get the most from the experience. The program scheduled for February 8, March 7, and April 18 will include Women’s Teaching Circles followed by a Moon Ceremony. The start and end times for these gatherings will vary due to the time of sunset.

Below are the times:

February 8: 2:00-Approx. 9:30 pm

March 7: 2:00-Approx. 9:30 pm

April 18: 3:00-Approx. 10:30 pm

These gatherings will include intimate heart sharing, along with other Goddess and Earth-centered spiritual practices and rituals. Self work will be provided to each participant to deepen their experience between gatherings. The circle of women will also have the opportunity to dial into a video conference call via Zoom one Thursday evening per month with Agni Jaya; dates for these calls are February 13, March 12, and April 23 at 7 pm-8:30 pm.

The program will be offered at a Agni Jaya’s home in the Tucker area near Henderson Park (address provided confidentially). The experiential mystical initiation of the Moon Ceremony will ignite the unique spiritual union of each participant with the Divine Feminine, expressed through the mysteries of the night, the moon and the cycles of Life. This ceremony, said to go back 40,000 years, can only be shared through oral tradition and is a sacred awakening to embody the healing and loving essence of The Divine Mother. Attendance of the final ceremony on April 18 requires attendance at the previous two Saturday experiences.

The alchemy of the group will initiate a sacred wisdom that will be unique to this group of women. Please be open to expressing your heart and divine essence. The magic will unfold! Now is the time we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s celebrate. Let’s love. Let’s connect. Let’s find our voices and open our hearts.

This workshop is open to all people who self-identify as women. For more information, please email Agni Jaya Starfire at charlotte.starfire@gmail.com or text her at (813) 833-7776.

Pre-payment and registration required by February 4 2020.

$200 for graduates of other Sacred Empowerment series.

Payment arrangements can be considered – please contact Agni Jaya.


  • 3 Day Workshop
  • $265
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