The Offering of the Heart: Bhakti Teachings of Love and Devotion

with Swami Jaya Devi

Ma’s Birthday and Sanyas Ceremony
May 22 – 24  ·  Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, Florida

In the bhakti tradition, love is paramount to the spiritual seeker’s expression of self in the world. A bhakti yogi loves to love, and longs to illustrate that love through acts of generosity, kindness, connection and deep awareness. To offer your heart is to open yourself wide in a courageous stance of devotion, not only to your lineage or tradition, but also to the world at large. To learn how to live from the deepest realm of the inner heart, you embrace vulnerability as strength, devotion as fortitude, and love as the deepest current of your own soul.

Join us for a weekend immersion that will include the celebration of Ma Jaya’s birthday and the sanyass ceremony, where Jaya Das will take his monks vows.


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  • 3 Day Workshop