The Dance of the Devas

Thursdays · June 7 — July 26 with Lorell Frysh

The Divine Feminine represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe.

Slowly but surely the Divine Feminine is experiencing a re-emergence and rebirth into the collective consciousness. After centuries of being downplayed, demeaned, removed from Her place of honor and reverence by the dominant patriarchal culture, we are now in a time when the Divine Feminine is becoming the subject of intense interest.

By considering the stellar qualities of positive, “divine,” archetypes we can activate powerful models of thinking and behavior that nurture our spiritual and psychological advancement, and have a positive impact on our world.

In this class we will focus and connect through a deepening and enriching process on the Divine Feminine through the lens of the Devas from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.


  • 8 Week Workshop
  • $125
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