The Call of the Divine

Thursdays · August 9 — September 27 with Lorell Frysh

Mantras and Meditations are powerful ways to move into deep attunement with the power and energy of the Divine Mystery. Different traditions have meditations that foster different results.

Some focus on practices that steady, compose, concentrate the mind, promote deep insight and cultivate the inner Witness. Mindful breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and loving kindness meditations have been found to provide cognitive benefits such as relaxation and decentering. Some practices are done to realize union of God or of one’s eternal self or soul. Others involve visualization of deities by attuning to their vibrations, resulting in deep empowerment, health and longevity. Indigenous and earth-based religions’ meditations foster deep connection with nature through altered state and trance practices.

This class will explore the practices, meanings and power of mantra and meditations from the following world traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Sufism, Native American and Indigenous Spirituality.

Sliding Scale Considered.


  • 8 Week Workshop
  • $125
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