Sub Ek: The Tantra of Call and Response

Saturday, March 21 · 12:30 pm — 2:30 pm with Amrit Kulick

Many people are familiar with “call and response” as a common form of kirtan practice; the wallah sings a line (the call), and the rest of the participants sing the same line back (the response). It’s a beautiful, heart-centered practice, but ‘call and response’ – as a spiritual and energetic principle – runs so much deeper.

Neem Karoli Baba, revered Indian saint and the paramaguru (guru’s guru) of Kashi’s lineage, said that when we think of him, it is him placing that thought in our minds. It is his calling to us; the thought, our response to his call. As Rumi wrote, “This longing you express is the return message”.

In this workshop, the words of ecstatic poets will awaken our called and calling hearts, and we will use sound and breath practices to play with and experience this tantric (continuous) flow of divine energy as it dissolves into Oneness, and explore the ways in which this call and response expresses itself off the cushion and in our lives. Come experience the tantric actuality of being both ‘caller’ and ‘called’, and allow it to return you to the truth of “Sub Ek”, of “all One”.


  • $25
  • $20 with registration by March 14
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