Sacred Path of the Divine Feminine

Saturday, April 21 · 4:30 pm — 10:00 pm with Agni Starfire

This experiential mystical initiation will ignite the unique spiritual union of each participant with the Divine Feminine, expressed through the mysteries of the night, the moon and the cycles of Life. Ancient cross-cultural teachings will be shared, including an ancient Moon Ceremony said to date back over 40,000 years. This ceremony can only be shared through oral tradition and is a sacred awakening to embody the healing and loving essence of The Mother.

Participants are asked to bring a small palm-sized rock, a blanket or towel, food to share and optional kindling or fire wood. Students will learn about building a sacred fire for prayer and will experience initiation in the Moon Ceremony.

The location of the ceremony will be shared when participants register, so make sure Kashi Atlanta has your email address on file so that Agni Jaya Starfire can contact you directly.

Advance registration is required by April 17.

Participants who have attended workshop and ceremony in the past may pay a reduced price of $20.


  • $35
  • $25 with registration by April 14
  • $25 with unlimited yoga pass
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