Rituals and Symbols of the Chakras – Reiki II

Thursdays · August 9 — September 27 with Rishi Michael Forrester and Robyn Meek

Eight-Week Workshop · August 9 – September 27

Energy Medicine is the harnessing of mindset, focus and breath to bring prana to your being and to others. Rituals and Symbols of the Chakras – Reiki II is an eight-week experiential class about how to create Energy and Medicine in your life through the model of the Chakras, Meditation and Reiki. Formerly known as Reiki and the Chakras Level Two, this class takes the foundations laid in Change the Wheel; Change your Life and elevates the conversation to the external world around you. How do you use the model of the chakras to define your relationship with choice, love and power? What structures, beliefs and symbols influence your connections with the world around you? This class explicitly shows you how to change your energetic output and subsequently how you think, feel and choose. More than a class on theory, every week you will live the chakras and choose how these centers of assimilation and expression reveal who you are to the world.

Completion of this course represents 20 hours of hands-on instruction in Reiki Level Two and the Chakras for which you will be certified in Traditional Usui Reiki with 16 hours of additional homework, readings and practice each of the eight weeks. There is an oral exam to graduate and a deep level two initiation in the Kashi Atlanta Reiki lineage, which can be traced back to the founder, Mikao Usui.

All materials, books, shirts, smudge kits and chakra practice tools will be provided to you at no extra charge. Pre-registration is required no later than 8/2 for class setup and class size is limited due to the hands on nature of the class. Last minute requests can be honored with a direct conversation. Please contact Rishi Forrester at rishi@kashiatlanta.org directly if you have any questions or just want to chat. If you have ever wanted to get Reiki certified or felt like you didn’t learn the Reiki material at a deeper level that includes the chakras as a living practice, then this class is for you.

You must be Reiki Level One Certified to achieve Reiki II certification in this class, though you can take the class without prior certification

Six week payment plan option available: $40 per week with an $80 downpayment


  • 8 Week Workshop
  • $300
  • $270 with registration by August 2
  • $250 with unlimited yoga pass
  • $200 for current members
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