Open Your Heart, Shoulders and Chest

Sunday, July 21 · 11:30 am — 12:30 pm with Surya Mayee Hill

Open your Heart, Shoulders, Chest and Upper Back with Yamuna® Body Rolling. It’s easier to love everyone when you’re not in pain! Learn how to use Yamuna Body Rolling routines to relieve calcification and restrictions in the chest, shoulders and upper back due to poor posture, injuries and aging. When the rib cage moves freely, the lungs can expand more and breathing is deeper. This is for everyone.

Balls are provided and also available for sale.

For maximum benefit, we recommend taking the Egoscue workshop immediately after at 12:30 pm.


$25 Yamuna workshop only
$20 with registration by July 14

$35 Combo – Yamuna & Egoscue workshops
$28 with registration by July 14

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