Mindful Eating – Food As Part of Your Spiritual Practice

Saturday, September 22 · 12:30 pm — 1:45 pm with Surya Devi (Janina) Edwards

Mindful eating makes our daily consumption of food a spiritual act. This class will be fun! It will give you the opportunity to attune your senses to your food! We will eat together, like spiritual connoisseurs, placing our attention fully on our food (its scent, taste, texture and flavor). Enjoying and appreciating the food’s essence, we practice mindfulness—one of the foundations of a spiritual practice.

We’ll also consider ways to cultivate mindful eating: how to include your kitchen/dining space; the care you take to prepare/present your food; the time you take to consume it; including grace as part of your meal.

Some studies suggest that eating mindfully encourages people to eat less because they enjoy their food more and need less of it because they’re more attuned to the signals of satisfaction and meal completion.

Workshop participants will need to bring something delicious to eat to the class. Something simple. Fruit is fine. (No meat, eggs or fish.) Bring enough for 5-8 people. You may also want to bring a journal to write in.

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