Merge with the River of Consciousness: The Tantric Current of the Mother

with Swami Jaya Devi

Durga Puja Immersion  ·  October 4 – 6  ·  Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, Florida

Inside of you is a thick river of shakti, a current of reality so profound that as you open to it, you could actually get a little bit afraid. When we talk about consciousness or becoming more awake, we also talk about the merge into oneness, a deliberate letting go. But what are we letting go of? Will we lose our personality? Will we stop being fun? Who do we surrender to? In actuality, you do not surrender to any other person. Not the guru, not your teacher, no one. You surrender to the deepest reality of the living moment.

In the tantric current of pure shakti silence, there is nothing but a quiet pulsation of awareness. You could call this the river of consciousness. You could call it God the Mother. But as a spiritual seeker, you want to know who you are. You long to understand your life, your purpose, your dharma, or the purpose of existence itself. With this longing, you must learn to listen so deep inside yourself, that you begin to hear the impulse, the silent current of the Mother unlocking the chakras, until they float like lotuses set upon the river at night, a flicker of light opening in the darkness. And in that one moment of offering, the current of awakening pours through you, until you merge with the flow of tantra and become wildly alive.

Join us for a weekend immersion with teachings and meditations of Swami Jaya Devi and Sanyasin of Kashi Florida, daily yoga, and nightly fire pujas devoted to the Divine Mother Durga (culminating in the closing fire-light procession on Saturday night which completes ten days of puja to the Mother), all on this beautiful 80 acre retreat center on the Sebastian River.

The main workshop will start Friday night and end Sunday afternoon. We will be kicking off the retreat on Thursday night with a fire puja lead by the Kashi Atlanta pujaris.


Two-Day Workshop — $360 

  • 2 Nights Stay (arrive Friday)
  • 6 Meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • 2 Fire Puja Ceremonies
  • 3 Immersion / Meditation Sessions

Three-Day Workshop — $435
with extra Thursday Night Fire Puja

  • 3 Nights Stay (arrive Thursday)
  • 9 Meals (Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • 3 Fire Puja Ceremonies, including Thursday evening Fire Puja, performed by the Kashi Atlanta pujaris
  • 3 Immersion / Meditation Sessions

Two-Day Workshop Commuter — $270 

  • 2-day workshop program as above,

Two-Day Workshop with Camping — $290

  • 2-day workshop program as above,
    with two nights on Kashi campground

Three-Day Workshop with Camping  — $345

  • 3-day workshop program as above,
    with three nights on Kashi campground

Prices subject to change without notice. Please call the front desk to register.

  • 4 Day Workshop