Meditation Series: The Inner Universe

Thursdays · May 18 — June 15 with Kim Candika Alford

Learn to meditate to attune with the pulse of the universe within you. In this series, you will experience specific meditations on the energies of Shiva and Shakti and cosmic consciousness in its many forms. These meditations will feature yogic breaths (pranayamas), sacred sounds (mantras), as well as hand and finger positions (mudras) that activate the limbic system and different nerve and energy centers to awaken your experience of connection to all sentient beings. Explore the hidden reality beneath all things, which can be uncovered with these practices.

Classes will start with a short sequence of gentle yoga postures to relieve the body of tension, creating ease in the body, so you can sit more comfortably in meditation.

Yoga is comprised of many practices and techniques that bring you back to a state of wholeness. Practicing with a focus on the season brings the aliveness of the moment to you. Meditation is yoga for the mind; pranayama is yoga for the heart; asana is yoga for the body. This series is excellent for practitioners of all levels.

BONUS: Students who purchase the series will receive access to bonus recordings.

Thursdays, May 18 – June 15
7:30 – 8:30 pm


  • 5 Week Workshop
  • $70
  • $55 with registration by May 11
  • $40.00 with unlimited yoga pass
  • $40.00 for current members
  • $30.00 for current apprentices
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