Meditation Essentials

Thursdays · July 12 — August 2 with Kim Candika Alford

4 Week Workshop Series · Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30 pm · July 12 – August 2

Need some inspiration and guidance to kickstart or recommit to your meditation practice? You’ve probably heard all about the extraordinary effects of meditation on our well-being, but maybe you’ve tried and the habit hasn’t stuck, or you’re new to it all.

This series is about helping you learn mindfulness so that you can create a habit of meditation. We will addresses how to let go of the old habits that get in your way. You’ll learn techniques to cultivate a consistent practice of meditation with guided techniques and pranayama (yogic breath work). Meditation is yoga for the mind; pranayama (yogic breath) is yoga for the heart.

Along this journey, you’ll discover how discipline is devotion to your Self. You will learn how to master different pranayamas ranging from Ujayii to Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire) and beyond. We will discuss and experience breaths that have different effects, such as those that invigorate and calm the nervous system with a direct effect on the mind and body.

These practices are also beneficial in cleansing toxins from the body. Learn how to practice these breaths both on their own or while doing yoga postures to bring you to a state of well-being and peace.


  • 4 Week Workshop
  • $48
  • $40 with registration by July 5
  • $30 with unlimited yoga pass
  • $30 for current members
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