Make Your Mala – The Art of Prayer Bead Craft and Design

Saturday, November 17 · 2:00 pm — 4:30 pm with Prana Devi

Have you ever seen the beautiful gemstone and seed bead necklaces around the ashram? Perhaps you wear one yourself and wonder if that’s something you could make? Have you ever been inspired to create a mala unique to the intentions you bring to your practice? Or wanted to make something special as a gift for someone and not known what that might be? Or seen the brightly colored tassels and intricate knots between the beads and thought the challenge might be too great?

Prayer beads are deeply personal spiritual items and, at the same time, something that we wear out in the world as a reminder of our path, practice and commitment to kindness. What better way to learn more about this sacred object and infuse your practice with your own creativity than by making your own prayer beads. Everyone can design and craft their own mala with a little help.

In this workshop you will learn how to string, knot and construct a knotted 27 bead gemstone hand mala with a guru bead and tassel. You will learn how to design full malas for gifts or personal use and to repair a broken mala. The workshop will include an introduction to prayer beads and the Hindu/Buddhist mala template, gemstone lore, the art of selecting mala components as well as an introduction to various ways you can use your mala to support your spiritual practice.

Participants will receive a mala kit which contains everything needed to put their mala together. The kit contains vegan-friendly cotton cord and large (10 mm) gemstone beads. Mala kits come in the following options: pink rose quartz, white quartz, black obsidian, tigers eye and green aventurine. Participants who register before November 1 will be able to choose their gemstone from this selection by contacting Prana Devi via email with the subject line “Kashi Mala Workshop” to

Class minimum is 8, with a maximum of 20


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