Introduction to the Art of Fire Puja

Saturday, October 26 · 12:00 pm — 2:00 pm with Agni Ma Mushkin

Fire is used in many traditions to represent the light of the divine. A fire puja is sacred ceremony that has been practiced for thousands of years to awaken the heart and invoke the essence of the divine to burn away anything that stands in the way of our obtaining what we need spiritually, emotionally or materially.

Join Kashi Atlanta Head Pujari (person who performs a puja) Agni Ma in this introductory experiential exploration of traditional fire puja. During the workshop, participants will learn about the art of fire puja and create a fire puja, including the tantric practice of dressing (decorating) the dhuni (the fire pit) and preparing the items needed to perform the puja. Participants will also learn the meaning of various aspects of the puja and guru Ma Jaya’s teachings on fire puja. The workshop will end with a fire puja.


  • $25
  • $20 with registration by October 19
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