Durga Puja Retreat · The Mother is Rising: Shakti Teachings to Empower Us All

with Swami Jaya Devi

October 22 – 25  ·  Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, Florida

The Vedic goddess Durga is known as the mother of the universe, the form of the sacred feminine that loves and holds us all. She symbolizes the Mother Mary, the Buddhist Tara, the earth goddess Gaia, the mother ocean. She is the adi shakti, the original form of sacred energy that makes up the whole universe. It is said that this intense spiritual energy has a specific form that resides at the base of the spine, there to awaken us to our deeper purpose. If this energy, called kundalini shakti is not awake, then one is only half alive. Gain clarity, courage and empowerment through the shakti teachings of the Mother and embody the fierce grace of the open-hearted warrior.

Join us for a weekend immersion that will include the culmination of Durga Puja, two Vedic fire ceremonies and a wild procession that ends by placing the effigy of the Mother back into the river, where her form merges with the formless once again — all on this beautiful 80 acre retreat center on the Sebastian River.

The main workshop will start Friday night and end Sunday afternoon. We will be kicking off the retreat on Thursday night with a fire puja lead by the Kashi Atlanta pujaris.


Two-Day Workshop — $360 

  • 2 Nights Stay (arrive Friday)
  • 6 Meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • 2 Fire Puja Ceremonies
  • 3 Immersion / Meditation Sessions

Three-Day Workshop — $435
with extra Thursday Night Fire Puja

  • 3 Nights Stay (arrive Thursday)
  • 9 Meals (Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • 3 Fire Puja Ceremonies, including Thursday evening Fire Puja, performed by the Kashi Atlanta pujaris
  • 3 Immersion / Meditation Sessions

Two-Day Workshop Commuter — $270 

  • 2-day workshop program as above,

Two-Day Workshop with Camping — $290

  • 2-day workshop program as above,
    with two nights on Kashi campground

Three-Day Workshop with Camping  — $345

  • 3-day workshop program as above,
    with three nights on Kashi campground


Times and prices are subject to change without notice. Registration opens soon, please call the front desk for more information.

  • 3 Day Workshop