Divine Feminine Solstice Gathering

Saturday, June 22 · 7:00 pm — 10:30 pm with Agni Jaya Starfire

Participants will share a mystical initiation to ignite the unique spiritual union of each participant with the Divine Feminine, expressed through the mysteries of the night, the moon and the cycles of Life. Ancient cross-cultural teachings will be shared, including an ancient Goddess Ceremony said to date back over 40,000 years. This ceremony can only be shared through oral tradition and is a sacred awakening to embody the healing and loving essence of The Mother.

Come prepared to awaken your inner wisdom, heal your heart, and claim your power as an embodiment of Shakti. Respectful to longstanding tradition, this solstice ceremony can only be shared among women.

Advance registration is required as the location is ‘off site’ of Kashi and directions and location will be shared once you have registered.


  • $45
  • $36 with registration by June 15