Demystifying Meditation: Tools for the Practical Practitioner

Thursdays · March 12 — March 26 with Maha Devi (Alison) Hastings

What if your meditation practice was simply giving yourself time to be with what is happening in your inner world in the most compassionate way possible? We are taught that taking time each day to get quiet will help us to heal and grow…BUT WHAT IF WE HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING QUIET?!? Does that mean we won’t heal or grow?

Truthfully, most people find it challenging to quiet the mind and stop the mental chatter. Our brains are built to THINK, but that does not mean we have to remain shackled to our thoughts. There are many tools and practices to assist you in a simple yet potent meditation. Your daily sit does not have to be hours long, involving complex breath practices, to be effective. Learning to observe your thoughts and pay attention to your breath does wonders.

In this three-part series we will demystify meditation by discussing what it is not, prepare our bodies to comfortably sit, and explore mindfulness tools that will help us become more present in our practice. Mindfulness is a muscle that we must exercise to master.

This workshop is appropriate for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

$25 per drop-in session.


  • $65
  • $50 with registration by March 5
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