Darkness and Light: Creating an Ayurvedic Health Vision

Saturdays · June 22 — September 21 with Rishi Michael Forrester

If you have ever struggled to create habits of change even with behaviors that you know don’t serve you, then you may need a vision for your health. Commitment and devotion are the underpinnings of any vision for your health that leads to change. In this monthly series, we will explore how to relate, reframe and retrain your daily rituals and rhythms so that they serve your vision for your health, one choice at a time. First, we start by acknowledging where you are now. Second, we capture what you want most from your health. Third, we live it and, like meditation, we practice a little every day in the context of a group. The goal? We use the qualities of Ayurveda (India’s traditional medical system) to create an Ayurvedic Health Vision that inspires you and that you can actually do!

This course meets once a month in person at Kashi Atlanta with between-workshops weekly virtual check-ins and reinforcement via conference/video call.

Workshop Dates:

  1. 6/22/2019
  2. 7/20/2019
  3. 8/24/2019
  4. 9/21/2019


  • $108
  • $86.40 with registration by June 15
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