CROWN CHAKRA: Essence of Inversions & Keys to Consciousness

Saturday, January 25 · 2:00 pm — 4:30 pm with Maha Devi (Alison) Hastings and Tara Devi Joplin

Connect to consciousness with this all-levels exploration of functional inversions, meditative spaciousness and all things Crown Chakra.

Join Maha Devi and Tara Devi for an expansive and accessible deep-dive into what it takes to prepare for and practice safe, optimal inversions, along with a journey into the energetic qualities of Sahasrara, our 7th chakra. We’ll deconstruct, work with and adapt our favorite inversions to touch into the strength and alignment of our bodies, offer ourselves a change in perspective, and merge into the universe all around us and within us.

From Legs Up the Wall and Downward-Facing Dog to Headstand and Handstand, we’ll use intelligent sequencing and alignment to unlock our deepest awareness and access the Teacher within.


  • $35
  • $28 with registration by January 18
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