Creating a Kick Ass Yoga Class: The Art of Sequencing

Thursdays · August 2 — August 9 with Maha Devi (Alison) Hastings

There is nothing like watching your students become enlivened by their yoga practice. As teachers, we have the potential to provide a safe space that encourages confidence and creativity. Sequencing an intelligent, heart centered and memorable yoga class takes both skill and imagination. In this two-part series, we’ll take a playful deep dive into cultivating awesome arrangements for your classes.

We’ll deconstruct poses to inform intelligent sequencing and, like any artist, learn to draw inspiration from everything we see and experience, as well as explore how to keep our classes fresh by theming our practices and finding our personal style and voice. To complete each session, we’ll put our wisdom to work and compose a sequence that we’ll experience together. Perfect for new yoga instructors.

Thursdays · 6:00 – 8:30 pm

$ 50 for current CYTT students and apprentices 
$ 30 for single session


  • 2 Week Workshop
  • $60
  • $54 with registration by August 9
  • $50 with unlimited yoga pass
  • $50 for current members
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