Color, Energy, and Yoga

with Kala Sulc

Experience the embodiment of color through the practice of yoga. In this two-day workshop you will explore a yoga asana series with guided imagery that will evoke the essences of different colors we see and feel. You will also work with the colors of the seven main chakras in an intentional way. The workshop will integrate yoga, coloring and image-making as a way of bringing awareness and healing to spaces within us that need care.

This workshop will cover information on color theory, yogic symbolism, the chakras and sacred imagery.

All materials are included. All levels of yoga and art experience welcomed.

$20 for those living in a recovery residence


  • 2 Day Workshop
  • $60
  • $54 with registration by November 10
  • $40 with unlimited yoga pass
  • $40 for current members
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