ANAHATHA: Science of Backbends and Alignment of an Open Heart

Saturday, July 13 · 2:00 pm — 4:30 pm with Maha Devi (Alison) Hastings and Tara Devi Joplin

Explore the vast and steady nature of your heart with this all-levels adventure through backbends. Join Tara Devi and Maha Devi for a sweet and thorough investigation of what it takes to prepare our bodies and safely practice belly down, belly up, standing and restorative heart-openers as well as dive into and share the energetic qualities of Anahatha, our 4th chakra. We’ll deconstruct our favorite front body openers to tap deeply into the space in our bodies and the endless capacity of our hearts. From Cobra to Dancer and Locust to Camel, we’ll use intelligent sequencing and alignment to radiate the unstruck space within.


  • $35
  • $28 with registration by July 6
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