Accepting You in Yoga

Saturday, July 27 · 1:00 pm — 3:30 pm with Kala Sulc

Self-acceptance can be challenging for those of us who struggle with our sense of self. We may feel disconnected from our body, not like the way it looks, or feel discomfort with it. Chronic pain in the body may also be involved. Going to a yoga class in and of itself can bring up any of these issues.

In this workshop, we will create a safe space to explore ways of accepting the body. We will use yoga, breathing exercises and guided meditation to find body acceptance. We will also explore the connections between the mind, body and spirit, as yoga is a unique spiritual practice that relies on moving and using the body. The goal will be to find ways of befriending the body and cultivating acceptance of the gift that the body is.


  • $35
  • $28 with registration by July 20
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