500-hour Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training

Our 500-hour Yoga Alliance-certified Teacher Training program has an emphasis on Kali Natha Yoga, a classical yoga of over 60 vinyasa flow series designed to unite the heart and body into moving prayer. This ancient yoga combines unique asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra to awaken the deepest realms of the heart.

The program is structured around nine weekends and extended weekend modules designed to be completed anywhere between 2 to five years. It is open to anyone who has graduated from an approved 200-hour teacher training and is offered in conjunction with Kashi School of Yoga at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida. Complete programs will be held in both Atlanta and Sebastian, with the senior teaching staff being shared across both locations.

Students will learn personally from guru Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati’s Sanyassan & Senior Teachers, including yogacharya (master of yoga) Swami Jaya Devi, all of whom have studied yoga for decades with Ma Jaya. Guest instructors will include master of ayurveda John Douillard, who will teach about the relationship between yoga and ayurveda in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies; master yoga therapist Mukunda Stiles, who will teach about alignment of the physical, energetic and emotional bodies through asana; and master kirtan artist David Newman, who will teach his 9-day Kirtan College immersion session.

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“Recently, I was introduced to the practice of Kali Natha Yoga and I am absolutely enchanted with it! The potent manner in which pranyama, mudras, mantra and meditation are interwoven through a Kali Natha Yoga class is a most evocative blend. I believe that The Kali Natha Yoga experience powerfully lingers with the practitioner long after the mat is put away. The idea that many, many more of Ma’s lovingly crafted sequences awaits, thrills me with promise.”
— Lucia d’Ancona

“When you get the opportunity to do something like Kashi’s 500 hour training, you should jump at it and do whatever you can to get there.”
— Mike Oxford

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