Trishula Eltz

Resident · Professional Chef

Trishula Jaya came to Kashi Atlanta for yoga classes in 1998. She studied with Swami Jaya Devi, who opened her heart and lead her to her Guru, Ma Jaya, at an Atlanta Intensive that year.

Trishula is a longtime Kashi Atlanta resident, living in community since 2003. In 2005 she completed the 200-hour Classical Yoga Teachers Training, and then completed the 200-hour Kali Natha Teachers Training with Ma Jaya. She is currently working on her 500-hour Kali Natha Teacher certificate.

Trishula wears several hats at the ashram: working at the front desk, cooking for detoxes and special events and making soup for CYTT weekends. She brings her love of food to everyone. She works in Atlanta as a professional chef. Trishula also plays and sings with the Kashi Atlanta Kirtan Wallahs, and is one of the original members of the group.