Robyn Meek

Yoga Instructor, RYT 200 · Reiki Master

Robyn first came to Kashi Atlanta in 2008 to learn about Reiki and the Chakras as a tool for healing and immersed herself on a fast track of learning and growing. It was while taking Kashi’s Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 that she discovered her love of Kirtan and how trusting and following your intuition will take you to what your heart wants. She used all of what she learned to become a better Reiki instructor and practitioner. Her physical challenges with asana called her to complete Kashi’s Classical Yoga Teacher Training again in 2016. This time, she fully embraced the use of props and modifications and the teaching that yoga is about what is happening on the inside. She wants her students to be empowered to do Their yoga, because she believes this is where true acceptance and self love can blossom. What started as a personal journey of healing over a decade ago has lead her to her own evolution into self love and acceptance, a found desire to follow her passion of Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan, connection to her body, and the ground beneath her feet. Her heart has many loves, and whether through an energy medicine class or session, a yoga class, leading Kirtan, or a simple hug… helping others on their own personal healing journey is one of the most important things… she loves to do.
Robyn is also immersed in the flow of creative energy off the mat as a self-employed designer, making one of kind “Hippie Bride” dresses and headpieces.