Rishi Michael Forrester

Senior Yoga Instructor, RYT 200 · Reiki Master · Certified Ayurveda Practitioner · Member

Michael Rishi Forrester (Rishi Jaya) teaches with the intention to help rewrite the stories of our lives into myths and tales of our heart’s sacred journey.  A student of yoga and meditation since Kashi’s first Classical Yoga Teacher Training in 2003, Rishi came to Swami Jaya Devi at Kashi Atlanta after struggling with severe depression for most of his life.

Since 2003, he has immersed himself in teaching others how to use yoga, meditation, herbs, energy medicine,  Ayurveda, and the chakras to heal the heart of depression, navigate health challenges, and live an authentic life. Rishi has been a Reiki Master and teacher since 2005, an herbalist and a lover of plants since 2001, and a certified Ayurveda practitioner since 2008.  Rishi is also a traditional naturopath (Doctorate of Naturopathy) and actively sees clients to help understand and transform that which prevents others from living to their fullest.

He is one of Kashi Atlanta’s senior yoga teachers where he teaches about the chakras, anatomy, philosophy and facilitates immersive and transformative multi-week courses on Energy Medicine and Ayurveda.

You can connect with Rishi’s schedule here if you want to write a new story about  your health  or find him at Love Spirit Heal.